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OUR FOCUS: Health & weight conscious consumers.

OUR TEAS: Fresh organic, white & green tea from fine estates globally.

OUR SPECIALTY: Lab tested, certified, Highest Antioxidant teas.

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 We Recommend This Fine Tea:
                  Gyokuro 2oz / $19.99


Country of Origin: Japan
Altitude: 500-1500 feet above sea level
Manuf. Type:
Shade Grown & Steamed
Very Bright Green
Ingredients: Luxury
green tea

Full flavored, satisfying & lightly refreshing. Vegetative with some briskness. Gyokuro is referred to as "history, philosophy and art in a single cup." Japan's best green tea (made from single buds picked only in April/May). To develop increased chlorophyll (making them dark green) and reduce tannin (giving a sweeter flavor with no bitterness), the tea is covered with bamboo and straw shades for 3 weeks in early spring. The leaves are small, extremely fragrant and tender. After plucking they are steamed for 30 minutes to seal in flavor and arrest fermentation, then fluffed with hot air and pressed and dried to 30% moisture content. Repeated rolling occurs until tea develops long thin dark green needles and is dried to a 4-6% moisture content.

Produced under ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management Standards.

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           We Also Provide Research!

We offer the latest comprehensive green tea research on catechin, EGCG and other topics FREE in our health section we do not make any product weight loss or health claims, but rather present peer reviewed clinical research on these issues related to green and white tea so you can make your own informed decisions.

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