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About Our Tea - Nature provides the subtle taste of green tea. Cherished in Asia for generations, the health benefits of green tea are only now drawing attention although the first book describing the health benefits of tea was written in 1191 by the famous Zen priest Eisai (1141-1215).

The Kissa Yojoki (how to stay healthy by drinking tea) was a two volume set and its first sentence states, “Tea is the ultimate mental and medical remedy and has the ability to make one’s life more full and complete.” It describes how drinking tea can have a positive effect on the five vital organs, especially the heart.

GREEN TEA LOVERS has an exclusive arrangement with the largest Japanese tea producer in the world for its Japanese green tea and selective tea estates for its other Asian and African green and white teas. Through its tea plantations and state of the art production and distribution methods, our producers allow us to bring you the highest quality, healthiest and freshest tea products available, and in an environmentally friendly manner. Together with our producers we operate on five basic principles. We only supply and sell:

    1) Natural
    2) Healthy
    3) Safe
    4) Well-Produced
    5) Delicious Products
Our Commitment to Your Health & Safety
Our producers have a variety of certifications and protocols to insure the safety of our products including the USFDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency, EFSA (European Food Standards Authority), Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare Food Sanitation Division, ISO 4001 Environmental and Safety Standards certifcation, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). ETP (Ethical Tea Partnership) monitoring protocols and regular estate visits.

Our Environmental Commitment
Dramatic economic development in the 20th century has created a cycle of mass production, mass consumption, and mass generation of waste. Reflecting on this situation, we wished to work with a companies as committed as we were to the environment and producing a healthy, fresh product. Read more about the different environmental projects we're and our producer's are involved in from growing and production through to packaging.

You've Made Us Greener!

Thanks for your patronage! We regard Greentealovers as a socially responsible business dedicated to the health of our customers and the planet. Thanks to our clients we also have made significant reinvestments in renewable energy, both solar and more efficient heating systems. Greentealovers uses 25% less fossil fuel heating and 90% less fossil fuel produced electricity. To date we have:

- Reduced oil usage by 25%,
- Use 90% solar powered electricity
- Saved over 4500 pounds of C02
- Planted the equivalent of 44 mature trees
- Saved the equivalent of 4900 driving miles

Help us continue to reduce carbon emissions by enjoying our premium tea!
Our tea and tea ware have a variety of certifications:

fair trade label
USDA Organic

ETP Ethical  Partnership
ISO 14001

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