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Tea played a significant role in Asian culture for centuries as a staple beverage, a curative and a symbol of status. It is not surprising its discovery is ascribed to religious or royal origins.
Tea History: China
Tea was discovered in China and is the stuff of myth and legend. The Chinese are credited most for the development and cultivation of tea and the methods of its early preparation and use.

Tea History: Japan
One of the earliest known references to green tea in Japan is a 9th century text. It was the Heian Period (A.D. 794-1185) of peace, prosperity, and openness to ideas and cultures particularly from China. Many aspects of Chinese culture and religion were introduced during this period including parts of the modern Japanese alphabet.

Tea History: The West
Portugal was the first to export tea to the West followed by the Dutch and the English through their colonial holdings in the Far East. Tea found its way to Russia from Mongolia.

Tea & Politics
Over the centuries, the tea trade has shaped culture and significantly influenced power and
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