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Our Tea Ware Selection:
We offer a wide variety of fine imported fine Japanese tea ware, many made by artisans descended from famous artisan families:
Tea Sets - (Japanese Pots & Cups)
These exquisite tea sets come in a variety of shapes, sizes and costs, blending form and function.

Tea Pots - (Standard & Collectables)
Teapots are made for display or everyday brewing and enjoyment of tea. They offer a combination of beauty and utility. We sell beautiful traditional Japanese ceremonial tea sets for use specifically with matcha green tea. They make great, unique, useable gifts!

Tea Cups - (Enjoyment)

Enjoy tea with these attractive, balanced tea cups. Enjoy these beautiful handcrafted ceramic cups.

Tea Accessories (Convenience)
In this section you'll find a variety of tea filters measuring spoons, tea storage cans, Asian water coolers (Samashi) and tea incense burners.The filter products in this section are designed. Did you know green tea makes an exceptionally light, all natural, aromatic incense?
Our tea and tea ware have a variety of certifications:

fair trade label
USDA Organic

ETP Ethical  Partnership
ISO 14001

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