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Better Water Makes Better Green Tea - Water is extremely important to the final outcome of green tea taste. Mineral and chemical deposits can significantly effect taste not to mention overall health. We use water purifiers
in our home, (both a whole house and sink filter) and we know the BIG difference in green tea taste they make as well as removing the contaminants in our water supply. We took our time and researched the best water purification systems and are pleased to be offering the Aquasana line of products.

Aquasana is Latin for "Water to heal"

Its products were designed with this in mind. Sun Water Systems are manufactured in the US and it has designed and produced quality water filtration products, under private label, for over 50 U.S. & International companies. It is an industry leader in ultra-filtration products.

Aquasana Products (Click Item for full Desc.):
System Description Price
AQ-4000 Full Countertop Filter System 99.99
AQ-4500 Full Under Counter Filter System 143.98
AQ-4501 Premium Under Counter Filter Sys. 175.95
EQ-300 RHINO Whole House Filter System 799.20
Filters Description Price
AQ-4025 Repl. Cartridges - Water Filters 47.99
EQ-300R RHINO Replacement Filters 639.20
EQ-304 4 Pk. Whole House Pre-filter Ctdg. 15.96

AQ-4000 Counter Sys.
AQ-4025 Rpl Crt
EQ-304 House Rpl Crt
EQ-300 RHINO House
EQ-300R RHINO Rpl Crt

All Aquasana Products come with performance documentation, a 30 day 100% money back guarantee, easy to follow installation instructions and cartridge replacement order forms.

Unlike most water filtration products, Aquasanas were not designed to meet minimum government or industry standards allowing "Trace Levels" of toxic chemicals in tap/bottled water. Science has proven there are no safe levels for toxic synthetic chemicals in water.

Aquasana is good for the environment
As an alternative to bottled water‚ a single Aquasana Drinking Water system can prevent thousands of plastic containers from winding up in landfills and further polluting our environment.

The Aquasana AQ-400 has been a Consumers Digest Best Buy for 6 years and can be installed easily in minutes providing pure water at the cost of about 9 cents a gallon. It is also recommended by the National Health & Wellness Club. Compare the Aquasana and the top ten water filtration products here both for quality of filtration and cost of ownership. Learn about water, health and all Aquasana products here.

Carbon Block And Granular Carbon Filters

These are the most common style of countertop and under the sink systems (POU‚ point of use). Granular carbon filters and carbon block systems perform using the same process of contaminant removal‚ adsorption, which is the chemical or physical bond of a contaminant to the surface of the filter media. GAC‚ granular activated carbon‚ is recognized by the U.S. EPA as the best available technology for the removal of organic chemicals like herbicides‚ pesticides and industrial chemicals. Multi-media block filters‚ like Aquasana‚ utilize the benefits of activated carbon with added advantages. Blended media is extruded or compressed so that the carbon and other media is in a solid form and can filter out sediment and cyst type organisms like Giardia. It also prevents water from channeling around the filter media. It is essential for best performance that a multi stage process is used to remove a wide range of contaminants.

Our tea and tea ware have a variety of certifications:

fair trade label
USDA Organic

ETP Ethical  Partnership
ISO 14001

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