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Used Tea Leaves (Chagra): Dry unused leaves are hard to digest. So you may want to try used tea leaves for consumption. If you do make sure the used leaves are clean and free from germs. If you leave used leaves in a pot with

some tea liquor still in it for a long period, If you leave used leaves in a pot with some tea liquor still in it for a long period, bacteria may form. As soon as you finish brewing your tea, transfer the used leaves onto a large strainer. Draw out the tea completely and dry it by spreading the leaves on clean paper or a flat strainer. Turn the leaves over a couple of times to dry them completely. This creates "Chagra". You can use Chagra for: Carpet Cleaning, Cutting Board Cleaning, Rust Prevention, Cat Litter, Eye Pads, Tea Bath, Mouth Wash, Tea Pillows, Incense, Refrigerator Deodorizer.
Carpet Cleaning - Tea absorbs odors around it. Chagra can be used as a deodorizer and antibacterial cleaner when you vacuum your carpet. Before you vacuum, sprinkle some dried chagara, leave for several minutes.
Then simply vacuum up the chagara. Green tea’s clean smell will refresh your room as well as clean the carpet.
Cutting Board Cleaning - It is often difficult to get rid of the smell left behind after using a cutting board. After washing your cutting board, spread wet chagara on it and leave the chagra to sit for several minutes.
Rub the board with the chagara and rinse thoroughly. Tea liquor can also be used to wash cutting boards and kitchen equipment. To serve using a serrated knife.
Cat Litter - Green tea drikers have been known to re-use the brewed leaves by drying them and scattering them in the cat box to absorb odors. Green tea has natural anti-bacterial properties thanks to catechin.

Eye Pads - Used tea bags or old unused ones (wet and cool enough) can be placed on your eyelids to soothe and refresh your tired eyes.

Tea Bath - Put old tea leaves into a thin cotton bag, tie it securely and soak it into a hot bath. Used tea bags can be used as well.

Mouth Wash - Gargling with green tea not only fights bad breath, but also kills bacteria. Tea's fluorine also makes teeth strong and effective against cavities and gingivitis.
You do not have to use first brew tea. Enjoy drinking your first and second brew, and cool your third or fourth brew for mouthwash.

Tea Pillow - Organic Pillows are made from dried chagara. The subtle aroma from the tea helps you sleep. Pillows made from dried used tea leaves should be maintained by setting outside in the shade to air out once a week.

Incense - If you wipe iron pans and pots with chagara it prevents rusting. Tannin in tea attaches itself to iron, and creates a thin protective coat on surfaces.

Refrigerator Deodorizer - Keep tea leaves in dark cool places for future brewing. A refrigerator can be an ideal place to store tea. It may also be a place to avoid due to conflicting aromas from foods.
Using tea leaves in thin cotton bags or old tea bags can help eliminate refrigerator odors.
Our tea and tea ware have a variety of certifications:

fair trade label
USDA Organic

ETP Ethical  Partnership
ISO 14001

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